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Important Tips

Documents For India Nationality

  • Residence Address proff and Photo ID proff
  • Driving Licence (for Rider):A motorcycle driver licence are mandatory on our tours
  • 2 Copy Passport size photo.

Documents for Foreign Nationality

  • Passport: Of course the most important of all travel papers. Make sure your passport is valid for more than 6 month after the end of the trip.
  • Visa:Valid tourist or equivalent visa is required for India. All non-Indian citizens require a visa. Please contact the Indian embassy in your country to find out how to get a visa for India.
  • An International Driving Licence is required for Non resident In India, you can Obtain from your country of residence
  • 2 Copy Passport size photo.

Essential Medical Kit for Motorcycle Tours

  • Dimox high altitude sickness tablet required for Headache, Stomach pain, Vomiting, Travel sickness.
  • Any other regular Medicines/Drugs (LEGAL) carry prescriptions with you.
  • If asthmatic must bring your puff(no need of oxygen cylinder) Face & Hand cream lotions, lip guard etc.
  • Vaccination: Nno vaccinations mandatory for India & Nepal, There are no prescribed vaccinations for India.


Always go for fresh fruits, salads & hot meals. to be on the safe side, stay clear of tap water. Always go for mineral water. Dal rice, preferably with boiled veggies/meet added make for great food at altitude. The carbohydrates, protein and fibre keep that tummy alive and kicking. Whenever you eat packed noddle(e.g.Maggi), have it made soupy i.e. with lots of surplus water. This way its easier to digest, stays hot longer while you eat it and adds to your fluid intake.

Biking on Himalaya

When you ride up a steep mountain, ride at 2nd gear and have a sedate steady speed, cranking at the hairpin bends to have an easy ride up. If you try shifting gears

  • When you ride up a steep mountain, ride at 2nd gear and have a sedate steady speed, cranking at the hairpin bends to have an easy ride up. If you try shifting gears every few meters, it becomes an effort both for the rider and the bike. Bullet lets you enjoy the scenery at your pace as long as you pay attention to the hazards ahead of you.
  • Keep an extra layer of warm clothing handy as the weather high up can change for the worse within meters or minutes.
  • Do keep checking your bike from time to time however tired or lazy or chilled you might feel. The roads high up can beat the hell out of the best hardware.
  • Use sunscreen at least with 30+ sph factor. Especially for those with a fair complexion. Those rosy cheeks around you are actually mild sunburn from a high dose of Ultraviolet at altitude!
  • Put on your warm jackets before the sun goes down. The chill will creep in quicker than you can think.
  • Don't try and be a showman with the locals, especially trying to compete with them on the mountain roads. Remember its their daily commute and they know the area like the back of their hand.
  • Respect their religious places and customs and they'll respect and help you in turn.
  • There's no way you can fight a winning battle with cold, altitude and heights. Nature is ruthless in response to disregard of danger.
  • Use zip lock bags for storing things that either need water-proofing or can leak. Includes items like toothpaste, creams etc. Your bike documents, spare memory cards, batteries and paper money can also go in there.


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